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Specialist Mango Supplier

The project proved to be a huge success for the business and has led to a further two ripening rooms being added to the existing complex.


Our client is a grower, packer, and supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables who required large scale mango ripening. The company supplies all sectors of the UK market including retail, food service, food manufacturing, and wholesale markets. The organisation grows and sources product seasonally, on a global scale.

The company sets itself apart from its competition by working to the highest levels of professionalism. They culturally future-proof the business and “set the bar” for others to follow. Their site in Spalding holds the highest level of BRC (a global food standard) accreditation. Their growers are Global Gap certified. The company prides itself on being at the forefront of business innovation. It has traditionally sought to improve shelf-life and quality of product for the UK consumer by providing the best and most relevant logistical solutions.

The organisation has recently embraced the supply of ‘difficult’ products such as mangos. This popular fruit brings with it a host of issues –  with their complex sourcing calendars, multiple countries of origin and requirement for customised infrastructure and skilled staff to ripen them here in the UK.

The Challenge

With a lucrative trial venture with a reputable existing customer in place, the client required a fast solution to ripen their mangos to ‘supermarket-ready’ exacting standards. AHR quickly responded after a very disappointing response from other suppliers.

The Solution

AHR despatched a specialist team. Upon examination of the site and its current operating processes, it became apparent that any proposed solution needed to be linked by a mini-hub to the existing chilled warehouse. The team also had to factor in the complexity of the ripening process. This required humidity as well as a warm environment. Coupled with the fact that the produce also needed blast chilling. This is to quickly remove the heat from the stone of the fruit when it reaches its optimum state. Overall, a complex but achievable set of demands.

Having presented recommendations, the order was placed and the AHR team delivered and installed all equipment direct to site. Time was of the essence for the client, who needed to be fully operational in order to comply with a pre-agreed operating trial run with the supermarket which, if executed correctly, would lead to major orders for the company.

The project proved to be a huge success for the business. Two further mango ripening rooms have been added to the existing complex.

Flexible, multi-temperature equipment with connecting corridors on very competitive rental contracts has provided a long-term solution to a very happy customer.

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