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Food production

Food production cold storage

AHR provides a comprehensive range of refrigeration products and services tailored to meet the needs of companies in the food service industry.

Our temperature-controlled storage solutions are designed to ensure the safe and hygienic storage of food products, delivering them to consumers in optimal condition. Ideal for chilled or frozen storage.

Equipment availability

We offer new and refurbished food cold storage options available for rental, leasing, or purchase, featuring competitive pricing for hire periods of six months and beyond.

Small mobile refrigerated containers for 4 to 8 pallets and temperature controlled portable cold stores 3 pallet wide with up to 37 pallet capacity. Equipment is designed for any industry needing chilled or frozen storage

Special bespoke builds and warehouse projects for larger storage solutions are also available.

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Tailored solutions for food service industry

Whether you operate as a distributor, provider, storage supplier, or a combination of these roles, we can provide a bespoke cold storage solution for your specific needs. Our team will offer expert guidance to identify the most beneficial commercial refrigeration units for your company.

Diverse capacity and flexibility

With the availability of high efficiency next generation refrigeration from leading global suppliers we can offer temperature ranges of between -30°C to +35°C and have other options available if you require to store outside this temperature range.

Equipment delivers exceptional power, temperature control, reliability, efficiency and a low, PIEK- compliant operating noise, making them ideal for businesses based in residential areas. Full remote monitoring available direct to your laptop or mobile.

Flexible payment options

All our refrigeration equipment is available for rental, leasing, or purchase, allowing you to tailor your payment plan to align with your company’s financial needs and commitments, offering a cost-effective and adaptable solution for your cold storage requirements.

Rapid cooling solutions

Our commercial blast freezers are designed to rapidly cool significant volumes of produce commonly found in the warehousing divisions of food service industry companies, ensuring efficient and effective preservation.

Customised cold storage options

For smaller private companies seeking cost-effective cold storage solutions, our smallest 10ft cold stores store up to 4 pallets and offer the ability to maintain products at the required temperature while retaining control over stock and reducing reliance on bulk storage suppliers. These units also facilitate seamless transport between production, storage, and distribution sectors.

Monitoring solutions

In addition to storage solutions, we offer supply chain monitoring solutions, including temperature monitoring technology with tracking, recording, and reporting capabilities, empowering your company to efficiently manage operational resources and monitor transport fleets and in-house cold storage facilities with ease.

Custom solutions

For tailored cold storage solutions with specific access and sizing requirements, reach out to our cold storage experts at 01384 446 000 for personalised assistance.

Superior fire protection

All our new portable cold stores benefit from being Class 0 in accordance with building regulations. Read all of our benefits here.

Hire & purchase options available

Long or short term hire or purchase from our huge range of refrigerated containers, portable cold stores, blast freezers and temperature controlled environments.


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