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Composite materials

AHR are sensitive to complex needs

The storage of composite materials demands precise temperature control and suitable storage solutions to maintain their structural integrity and performance. At AHR, we offer a comprehensive range of cold storage options tailored to the specific needs of composite materials, ensuring optimal preservation and extended shelf life.

Challenges in composite material preservation

Composite materials require controlled storage conditions to prevent degradation, delamination, and other forms of damage. Proper temperature and humidity control are essential to maintain the structural and mechanical properties of composite materials, especially during extended storage periods.

Importance of high-quality cold storage

Investing in high-quality cold storage solutions is crucial for preserving the integrity of composite materials. Effective preservation methods play a vital role in ensuring that composite materials remain structurally sound and ready for use in various applications.

Composite material cold storage solutions

AHR provides a diverse range of cold storage solutions specifically tailored to the storage of composite materials. Our commercial refrigeration options are available in various sizes and configurations, offering fully bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements of composite material storage.

Benefits of proper preservation for composite materials

Effective preservation techniques contribute to maintaining the structural integrity and performance characteristics of composite materials. By employing proper storage methods, businesses can ensure that composite materials remain in optimal condition, ready for use in manufacturing processes or end applications.

Equipment availability and supply chain monitoring

New and refurbished equipment, including specialised cold storage units for composite materials, is available for rental for periods of six months or more. Contact us at 01384 446 000 for a complimentary, no-obligation quote. Additionally, we offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions, including temperature monitoring technology with tracking, recording, and reporting capabilities, supporting the efficient management of composite materials throughout the storage process.


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Superior fire protection

All our new portable cold stores benefit from being Class 0 in accordance with building regulations. Read all of our benefits here.

Hire & purchase options available

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