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Cold storage for catering industry

Looking to expand your catering business? AHR offers comprehensive cold storage solutions tailored to the needs of the catering industry. Our range includes cold stores and mobile units, all designed to meet specific catering requirements.

Equipment availability

We offer new and refurbished food cold storage options available for rental, leasing, or purchase, featuring competitive pricing for hire periods of six months and beyond.

Small mobile refrigerated containers for 4 to 8 pallets and temperature controlled portable cold stores 3 pallet wide with up to 37 pallet capacity.

Equipment is designed for any industry needing chilled or frozen storage Special bespoke builds and warehouse projects for larger storage solutions are also available.

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Freshness assurance

Ensure the freshness of your chilled or frozen produce for upcoming events by utilising our cold stores to maintain quality until transportation. Our weatherproof units allow you to cater to any situation, rain or shine, without being hindered by unpredictable weather conditions.

Diverse solutions

We offer a range of capacities to meet your diverse catering refrigeration needs, with options for new and refurbished equipment available for rental, leasing, or purchase.

Monitoring equipment

In addition to storage solutions, we offer monitoring equipment such as temperature monitoring, empowering you to manage this aspect independently, reducing reliance on external companies or software and cutting costs significantly.

Custom solutions

Our expertise extends to providing custom cold storage solutions with additional access and tailored sizing. For personalised assistance, contact our cold storage experts at 01384 446 000.

Superior fire production

All our new portable cold stores benefit from being Class 0 in accordance with building regulations. Read all of our benefits here.

Hire & purchase options available

Speak to our team today to discuss your requirements! Alternatively you can email over your specification details to and we will get back to you asap!


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