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Blast Chillers/ Freezers

blast chiller

Portable and blast coolers that exceed industry demands.

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fleet, the New Ultrabox Blast Chillers or Freezer units.

With new and innovative design, this unit has 3 pallet extra wide cold storage, making it perfect for accommodating bulk storage needs. The blast chillers and freezers’ increased ceiling height allows for maximum airflow and ultimate refrigeration efficiency, keeping your products fresher for even longer.

To ensure the safety of your products, the blast chiller and freezer units offer full safety features, giving you peace of mind while storing your goods. With easy open doors and LED lighting, access to your items has never been easier, and storage has never been more convenient.

We take pride in the quality of our products and are confident that the New Ultrabox will be a valuable and reliable addition to your storage facilities.

For other needs, check out our portable cold storage and refrigerated container ranges.

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Our available products

portable cold storage

Portable cold storage

The New Ultrabox EXTRA wide coldstore has been designed and built to give maximum space and making it easy to manoeuvre pallets.

cold room interior

Temperature controlled environments

Keep your goods stored safely in a temperature controlled environment with our specially designed stores.

reefer container

Refrigerated containers

AHR temperature controlled units are low noise and are the most energy efficient equipment available to date.

mobile blast chiller

Blast chillers/freezers

World-class technology that provides greater air-flow/velocity, and more refrigeration capacity/duty.

custom cold room

Custom built cold stores

With over 25 years’ experience, we can design and build commercial or industrial refrigeration systems.

modular cold room

Modular cold rooms

We provide flat pack or fully installed low noise temperature controlled modular cold stores across the UK.

logistic dispatch docking pods

Docking pods

Docking pods are a fast solution to storage and handling issues in logistics dispatch.

custom cold room

Special build portable cold store

We can build very specific units of special build portable coldstores to suit customers bespoke requirements.

portable medical unit

Portable medical units

We can cater for all operational parameters for your portable medical units. We have the ability to build to any design criteria.