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Fresh fruit cold storage

The storage of fresh fruits and vegetables is influenced by various factors, with temperature being the primary determinant. An effective storage solution can significantly slow down the deterioration process, prolonging the shelf life of your produce by maintaining the correct temperature ranges.

Challenges in produce storage

During peak harvesting seasons, businesses often encounter efficiency challenges due to labour shortages, unsustainable practices, suboptimal harvest, and waste management issues. Overcoming these seasonal operational challenges requires thorough planning and preparation.

Importance of high-quality cold storage

Investing in high-quality cold storage is pivotal in maintaining optimal temperatures and extending the storage duration of your produce, thereby supporting your business goals.

Produce cold storage solutions

AHR offers a diverse range of cold storage solutions tailored to the seasonal fruit and vegetable industry. Our commercial refrigeration solutions come in various sizes and configurations, including fully bespoke options, ensuring they align with your unique business requirements for effective repository management.

Equipment availability

We offer new and refurbished food cold storage options available for rental, leasing, or purchase, featuring competitive pricing for hire periods of six months and beyond. Small mobile refrigerated containers for 4 to 8 pallets and temperature controlled portable cold stores 3 pallet wide with up to 37 pallet capacity. Equipment is designed for any industry needing chilled or frozen storage Special bespoke builds and warehouse projects for larger storage solutions are also available. Contact us at 01384 446 000 for a complimentary, no-obligation quote

Blast chillers and freezers for fruits and vegetables

Our range of blast freezers is designed for the rapid and efficient freezing and storage of fruits and vegetables, preserving their freshness and nutrition. These cold rooms are well-suited for hygienic food processing areas and the storage of fresh produce.

Benefits of proper preservation post-harvest

Effective post-harvest preservation techniques can help reduce respiratory activity and enzymatic degradation, minimise water loss and wilting, inhibit the growth of decay-producing microorganisms, and decrease the production of the natural ripening agent, ethylene. By meeting these high preservation standards, businesses can fulfil customer demand year-round, as rapid freezing without damage ensures that produce remains as fresh and flavourful as the day it was harvested.

Equipment availability and supply chain monitoring

New and refurbished equipment is available for rental for periods of six months or more. Contact us at 01384 446 000 for a complimentary, no-obligation quote. Additionally, we offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions, including temperature monitoring technology with tracking, recording, and reporting capabilities, supporting HACCP compliance and sustainable operational practices.


For personalised assistance and expert guidance on our cold storage solutions, contact our cold storage experts today at 01384 446 000. We are more than happy to visit your site and discuss your project – thinking ‘outside the box’ is our speciality.

Superior fire protection

All our new portable cold stores benefit from being Class 0 in accordance with building regulations. Read all of our benefits here.

Hire & purchase options available

Long or short term hire or purchase from our huge range of refrigerated containers, portable cold stores, blast freezers and temperature controlled environments.


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