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cold storage healthcare

Healthcare Supplier

Integral to the design of the unit was leading technology - DMTouch monitoring system - which after appropriate activation was able to communicate with the company’s existing digital system.


Our client is one of Europe’s leading providers of home healthcare services. They have 1500 employees caring for more than 150,000 patients every year. Tasked with providing cold storage for this healthcare provider, AHR set to work. Founded in 1992, the company provides care to people in need in their own home. Their nationwide teams work with pharmaceutical companies and health systems to deliver exceptional care outside of hospital for acute and long-term conditions.

The Challenge

The organisation contacted AHR with the requirement for a chilled storage and blast freezing solution to protect the integrity of their inventory of medical cold packing. In order to ensure that the products transported comply with the exacting standards outlined by the EU GDP Guidelines, it was essential that a full monitoring service was installed into the unit as standard.

The client also required the cold storage solution to offer a safe working environment. This would protect staff who would be working within the unit.

After a full site survey, AHR also met with the team to determine the full requirements of the solution. This is to highlight any operational features they may have overlooked.

The Solution

AHR designed and installed a tailored solution for the company comprising of a portable blast freezer. This has the capacity for up to 10 cages. The design provided blast freezing for cold-chain blocks from the entry temperature of +19°C to the exit temperature of -18°C within less than 12 hours. In order to improve logistical efficiencies, the coldstore was linked to the main building via a roller shutter.

Integral to the design of the unit was leading technology, DMTouch monitoring system. Which, after appropriate activation was able to communicate with the company’s existing digital system.

The client was impressed with the speed and efficiency that AHR was able to design and install the solution including all the features they required. Working within their budget and time constraints given for the project.

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