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Fruit ripening business

It has worked so well that it has been expanded to accommodate other fruits that utilise a similar ripening solution.

How to ripen the perfect mango

One of the best parts of this job is helping clients solve problems such as ripening fruit with cold storage. These things really make a big difference to their business.

When a new client approached us with a truly unique problem about ripening their fruit with our cold storage, we jumped on the opportunity to help out. They had just entered into a contract to supply a major high street retailer and a top UK supermarket chain with perfectly ripened mangoes!

Now this may sound simple, but it’s actually quite a complex procedure. If you want to get it right 100% of the time that is.

Mangoes will only ripen to perfection if you can replicate their natural environment, warm and humid.

Ultimately the solution needed to work for our client’s customer as the supply of fruit was offered as an ‘On Demand’ service. Therefore, absolutely vital that we implemented a truly flexible temperature controlled solution that would speed the ripening process perfectly in time for shelf stacking.

Cold store capacity that’s flexible to your needs

So after spending considerable time with the client to fully understand the issues, and doing our own in-depth research we formulated what would become – the perfect plan!

We developed a fully scalable, totally flexible solution that combined a multitude of technologies, including perfectly controlled heat with humidity, perfectly timed produce transfer, and the use of blast chillers to prevent the mango stone from retaining the excessive heat that was causing the over ripening problems.

And although the bulk of the system involved configuration of standard portable cold stores, it has worked so well that it has been expanded to accommodate other fruits that utilise a similar ripening solution.

If you’re wondering why we don’t mention our clients by name it’s because we take client confidentiality very seriously. We’re committed to providing the best possible solutions, by working with our clients, ensuring a long term relationship. That’s why we never share our client’s details with anyone.

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