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Restaurant Chain Supplier

A leading UK supplier of pre-prepared restaurant meals to major pub groups and restaurant chains has chosen AHR time and time again for the rental of their portable containers, coldstores, and blast freezers requirements.

Cold Storage for Chicken Processing Facility

cold storage chicken

Having carried out a full site survey, the specialist team at AHR concluded the most cost-effective solution for the client would be to demolish an existing outbuilding to make way for two new portable cold stores.

Major Artisan Bakery

cold storage bakery

Despite some challenging on-site restrictions, the hauliers and expert installation team at AHR successfully sited a 14-pallet temperature control unit quickly and efficiently and with no impact to the manufacturers daily production line.

Specialist Mango Supplier

The project proved to be a huge success for the business and has led to a further two ripening rooms being added to the existing complex.

Leading Poultry Supplier

cold storage meat

With increased demands on production the company needed to work faster and more efficiently and the blast freezing facilities needed to accommodate this ethos. AHR was called upon to help.

Healthcare Supplier

cold storage healthcare

Integral to the design of the unit was leading technology – DMTouch monitoring system – which after appropriate activation was able to communicate with the company’s existing digital system.

Fresh Fruit Wholesaler

After an initial site survey and analysis of the situation, AHR recommended the installation of one of their premium 20ft blast chiller units which would enhance the business’s productivity by rapidly chilling the strawberries ready for safe storage.

Beverage Packing Producer

HR began the installation of two  12.2 metre x 3.8 metre temperature-controlled container stores – one set at +20°C and the other at +35°C both with a spacious 31 pallet capacity.

Natural Food Colouring Manufacturer

A 20ft, 10-pallet capacity portable cold store, with chill to +4°C was installed and fully operational – all within the pre-agreed timescales.

Leading Healthcare Caterers

AHR was delighted to have played a fundamental role in enhancing the logistics of the business and that the cold storage unit has positively impacted the daily operations and efficiency at this busy depot.